Blackpen Shell Pre-Cut Inlays-Squares

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Blackpen Shell Pre-Cut Inlays-Squares
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This material is cut from a very thin but beautiful cylindrical shell.  The blackpen mentioned here is cut from the thicker center of the shell but we do offer the iridescent material cut from the tip of the shell in the next description.  The blackpen is thicker than many inlay materials and can range up to 0.070” in thickness.  When held up to the light, blackpen emits a very deep purple, violet color.  It is recommended to back the material with a metallic foil material in order to enhance the color.  It almost has a tortoise shell appearance when this process is replicated. Pieces are approximately .080" thickness. 

Price is shown per piece. 

The product in the photo represents a sample only. Actual order may differ from photo.