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Please click on the form below and print the submission form to turn in with your stag.




Stag Coloring Services Submission Form

(Please print and send completed form in your box with your stag to be dyed)


Name: _______________________________ ______   Phone: _____________________


Billing Address: ______________________________ City: ____________ State: ___ Zip: ______


Shipping Address: ____________________________ City: ____________ State: ___ Zip: ______


Email: ______________________________


Credit Card Number: _______________________________Expiration: _______ V-Code______(3 digits on back)

(Visa or Mastercard ONLY)



How much, if any insurance do you want when we return your package? ______________


Circle Color preference:            Amber   Mahogany or First available option   Antique


Black   Hunter Green   Red   Marigold   Autumn Gold   Other: _______________________



Things to know:


1. Please mark or engrave your stag at least 1/16” deep and in a solid, non-pith area.

2. Price to dye stag that you supply is $45.00/lb. with a 1 lb. minimum. (price is subject to change)

3. Price to dye stag that you have purchased from Culpepper & Co. is $25.00/lb. with a 1 lb. minimum and must contain our markings, price tags or otherwise be identified as such. (price is subject to change)



           Ship your stag to:

Culpepper & Co., Inc., 8285 Georgia Rd., Otto, NC 28763


Office Use Only

_______________________do not mark below this line________________________


Weight Pre-Color ____________   Weight Post-Color ____________Markings ________________



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