Services We Offer

Jigging and Patterning Services
      If you have bone, wood, stag or other product that you would like to have “jigged” or textured, we offer this service. Jig patterns include all of the Classic category patterns that are seen in this catalog. Jigging is normally priced by the square inch and may vary depending on the specific pattern desired. Additionally, we may charge a fee if your material requires flattening or cutting. The price to jig materials that are flat on the reverse or back side start at $ 0.50/per square inch. We require a minimum of 100 pieces per pattern. Please call 828-524-6842 for more detailed information and a price quote.
Cutting, Sanding and Slabbing Services
      Cutting, Sanding and Slabbing services are available for various materials both natural and synthetic. Prices are quoted based on the specific details of the raw materials and the services required. Please call 828-524-6842 for details so that we can discuss and quote your specific project. Labor is normally $75.00/hour but can and will vary depending on the project.
Coloring Services
      In addition to our Amber Enhancement Process, we offer coloring services for bone and stag in popular colors. Coloring services normally run $ 35.00/lb. for “reasonably sized” pieces that ARE Culpepper stock items. Any material that is NOT Culpepper stock would run $50.00/lb. Whole leg and whole horn services are available but are limited to size and capacity within our system and will be quoted accordingly. Popular colors include: Amber, Ruby Red, Hunter Green, Ivory, Marigold, Lapis Blue, Mahogany, and Autumn Gold. Please call 828-524-6842 for details as many colors are only offered two to three times each year.    Please read the link "Facts About Coloring".