Working with Mother of Pearl

Grade Definitions:

Presentation Grade is the highest grade of Mother of Pearl obtainable. This grade of pearl has no fractures, defects, discoloration, holes or unfavorable markings.

“A+” Grade is very similar to Presentation grade. Usually, this grade will have one very minor flaw at one end of the scale. This flaw will usually include yellow coloration, and/or a slight fracture. Usually, this flaw can be cut around or trimmed away. In most instances, A+ grade will finish out to be Presentation grade.

“A” Grade is also a very high grade of pearl. Pieces will have a flawless front side. The reverse side will generally have fractures, some yellow coloration, and/or slight worm holes that may be avoided. 

“B” Grade is still a workable grade of Mother of Pearl and is commonly used by beginning knife makers or knife makers that make relatively inexpensive knives. B grade Mother of Pearl will still have a flawless front side. The reverse side will have some deeper fractures, more discoloration, a larger “worm” hole that has been filled, and/or some exterior bark.

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